Competition is definitely heating up between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, the two potential Democratic presidential nominees. Clinton barely came out on top in the Iowa primary, Sanders managed a win in New Hampshire, and at this point their campaign finances are pretty much on par. We've seen some tense moments between the two in town halls leading up to today's Nevada primary, but a Sanders supporter evidently tried to heighten the drama when he attempted to place an obituary for Clinton in the Los Vegas Review-Journal yesterday, the newspaper reports.

The man, who identified himself as Don Schubert, reportedly entered the Review-Journal building on Friday and filled out a standard obituary form for "Hillary Rodham Clinton," listing her date of death as Feb. 20, 2016, otherwise known as the day of the Nevada caucus or, you know, today. (Unless you are reading this on a day that is not Feb. 20, 2016, in which case it is not today.) Schubert then left the building and drove off in a maroon Toyota Prius (of course) bearing several Bernie Sanders campaign stickers (of course). A security guard said Schubert was also wearing a sticker on his shirt.

Staffers at the Review-Journal notified the Secret Service, which got in touch with Schubert that night to tell him they could arrest him if they wanted to, but they didn't want to, so they wouldn't. Schubert claimed the obit was an attempt at "political humor." Ha-ha, hinting at the imminent death of one of the most prominent politicians in the United States is so funny, isn't it Don? What a delightful joke.