While Jimmy Fallon was busy on The Tonight Show attempting to become Bernie Sanders, the real Bernie Sanders was preoccupied with crashing Stephen Colbert's Late Show to partake in some very important activities. "Stephen! That’s what the elites want you to think!" Sanders politely screamed at Colbert during his opening monologue, as the Late Show mastermind struggled to cultivate the appropriate amount of enthusiasm. "The revolution is possible! You are the revolution!"

During a lively post-crash discussion about how Sanders plans to capitalize on his New Hampshire momentum heading into Colbert's home state of South Carolina, Sanders made a very good point regarding his possibly presidency. "Bill [O'Reilly] said that if I won the presidency that he would move to Ireland," Sanders said. "So electing me president is a twofer! You get Sanders and you get Bill to go to Ireland!"

Sadly, the highlight of Sanders' drop-in hasn't hit the official YouTube just yet. In a gracious act of Southern hospitality, Colbert gifted the top Democratic candidate with a nice batch of boiled peanuts and a beer. This moment, thankfully, is awesome enough to make up for the less-than-stellar quality of the rip below: