Given the almost-too-close-to-call results of the Iowa Caucus, Wednesday's CNN-anchored town hall event in New Hampshire was packed with tweet-inspired tension and the overwhelming reality that Democrats may very well be split entirely down the middle on whether to throw their weight behind Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

Sensing that potential division, Sanders took the televised opportunity to reveal something very important about his campaign moving forward. "I am Larry David," Sanders told a shocked Anderson Cooper, who then failed to check if the young god LD was in fact wearing some sort of Bernie Sanders disguise because journalism is apparently dead.

This, of course, actually makes a fair amount of sense. Impatiently waiting for a final season (or movie?) of Curb Your Enthusiasm? With a little hard work and perseverance, Curb's proper send-off could now (apparently) take place inside the White House. To really drive home the power of Sanders' revelation, just look at it again:

"I am Larry David."


As previously reported, Larry David Bernie Sanders is set to host this week's Saturday Night Live and he really doesn't care if you watch it or not. Totally up to you.