A group of self-described "dank individuals" have decided to complement their passion for Bernie Sanders with an equal passion for romance, resulting in the potentially Tinder-crushing BernieSingles.com. The site's general vibe, as its title suggests, is one of Bernie-inspired free thought and genuine connection. In fact, Vox reports the site experienced a mood-ruining crash earlier this week thanks to the overwhelming amount of "Bernie Singles" that flooded the dot com upon launch.

"Bernie Singles is a dating website and online community for people of all walks of life," the (free!) site promises, before specifying that it’s directly aiming for people "who share the philosophy championed by U.S. Senator and Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders." According to the Hill, the burgeoning singles community (which, of course, is not officially affiliated with the presidential candidate in any way) amassed more than 1,000 members within an hour of its launch.

For those interested in ruining the Bernie Singles experience for everyone by employing some not-very-Bernie-like behavior, please peep the site's rules commandments:

Thou shall not send nudes without consent from both parties

Thou shall not post nudes publicly (at least not here)

Thou shall not be creepy, rapey or stalky

Thou shall not bring up “he who shall not be named” (Trump) without having at least 1 adjective before he (I.E. ol racist Trump, shitbag Trump)

Just for the sheer thrill terror of it, take a brief moment to imagine what a dating site for single Donald Trump supporters would like:

Save the world one date at a time with Bernie Singles.