Prepare to swoon, constituents. The Dream Team you never asked for may actually come to fruition. Dr. Ben Carson, whose presidential campaign is not going particularly well, is considering a run as vice president if the opportunity ever came up. Even better, he’s open to joining forces with a certain yellow-haired and orange-skinned businessman according to CBS.

"I would have to have major philosophical alignment with whoever it was," he told Fox Business host Neil Caputo when asked if he would consider a VP spot. "I would have to have guarantees that I could do some substantial things."

To change the world, you’re gonna need a great partner.  For Carson, that could very well be Donald Trump, who just won the New Hampshire primaries. When asked if he would consider running with the divisive presidential hopeful, he said, "I certainly would sit down and discuss it."

So if he’s open to Trump, is there a candidate he wouldn’t want to run with? "Rather than get into that, let’s say as long as there is significant philosophical alignment, I wouldn’t have any problem," he added.