You can't stop people from peeing on the street. Famous singers do it. Some of the world's greatest athletes do it. Creepy millionaires do it (in a much creepier way). 

And, of course, people get drunk and do it pretty much constantly on weekend nights, which is probably what the Perth City Council was thinking of when it decided to install the nation's first pop-up urinal at a busy intersection in the suburb of Northbridge.

You can't stop people from peeing in public, so why not make it easier for them and more civilized for the rest of us?

Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi told Australia's Channel 7, “It’s just not appropriate to slip into a laneway or hideaway and do a wee under a tree these days."

The self-cleaning urinals are probably the greatest pee-related innovation since scientists unveiled the urine black hole to prevent splashback, which, as men know, is a serious issue. And if you enjoy peeing with friends, don't worry, the pop-up urinal made by Urilift accommodates three guys peeing in it at once.

Open-air public toilets aren't unheard of in the U.S. San Francisco installed one in a public park recently, but unlike Australia's new Urilift that hides itself when you're done draining the main vein, it's basically just a little cul-de-sac covered with a net.

Come on, America. We can do better.