Recently uncovered footage of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders offers insight into the 74-year-old's activist history during the American Civil Rights Movement. 

On Friday night, Chicago Tribune published an archived photo of Sanders being arrested in 1963. The photo shows Chicago police taking Sanders towards a police wagon. Initially discovered in the Tribune archives by photo editor Marianne Mather, a Sanders campaign spokesperson confirmed his identity to the publication.

The photo was taken at a South Side protest against racially segregated classrooms, when then-21-year-old Sanders was a student at the University of Chicago. The Tribune reported that the photo was taken Aug. 12, 1963, near South 73rd Street and Lowe Avenue in the neighborhood of Englewood. Sanders was arrested, found guilty of resisting arrest, and fined $25. 

Earlier in the week, video footage of the same event emerged:

According to the Tribune, Sanders led several protests against racial inequality, and was a leader of the university's civil rights group Congress of Racial Equality.