Adventurous women looking to explore their sexuality now have a safe space far away from the male gaze. According to Paper, an "underground community for girls who play with girls" is making its way to New York City.

Skirt Club was founded by Genevieve LeJeune after she attended "play parties" with a male ex and found that they focused more on his pleasure, the Daily Beast reports. In contrast, her club offers up a luxury experience with a strict dress code and exclusive clientele. Described as "a private members club for the curious-minded, bi-curious, bisexual, open-minded straight women looking for adventure," the club doesn’t allow photos so participants can attend worry-free.

To get a membership, you’ll need a referral from a current member and will have to endure a strict vetting process. But once in, members receive invitations days or even hours ahead to private gatherings at a secret location. There, they are treated to a champagne reception with performances and presentations on erotic topics before the real fun begins.

The club started out in the U.K. and eventually made its way to Sydney, Australia and Miami, Florida before popping up in New York.