When pondering best-case-scenario sex tape subjects, one titan of science and pop culture generally rises to the top of this internal dialogue: Neil deGrasse Tyson. For a deeper dive into this seemingly random hypothesis, we turn to the aptly named Wood Rocket's ongoing "Ask a Porn Star" series.

For their latest soul-stirring batch of interviews, the Wood Rocketeers asked notable adult film stars to name the celebrity with whom they would most enjoy partaking in some sex tape tomfoolery. "Arnold Schwarzenegger," Leah Gotti answers with confidence. "I just want him to cum inside me and then say 'I'll be back.'" The other answers, fittingly, include at least one of these top-shelf gods of fashion:

Billy Bob Thornton, another A+ selection, also gets an enthusiastic mention alongside a bunch of other people who aren't you or anyone you know (or ever will know). So get back to work.