In the United States, street harassment laws depend on the state. 

Nearly every state has laws about street harassment, but types of harassment punishable by law and the punishments themselves vary. For example, in New York, street harassment can lead to a $250 fine. 

In Minnesota, several forms of street harassment (including verbal harassment and upskirt photos) are illegal. Wyoming has similar laws that ban verbal harassment, groping, and upskirt photos. 

The anti-harassment group Stop Street Harassment compiled a thorough list (last updated in 2013) that details street-harassment laws by state. 

While laws against street harassment are vital, punishments alone won't end the epidemic of public abuse against women. Sexism is not a problem that can be legislated out of existence. 

These laws serve as an important means of underscoring the gravity of street harassment, and are necessary to eradicate the widespread problem. But the global community also needs to take additional steps towards educating the public about why verbal sexual abuse is so harmful, before sexual harassment will be gone for good.