Is Donald Trump a coward for refusing to attend Thursday’s Republican debate? Yes he is, according to Trump himself.

In a December 2012 interview with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, Trump chided GOP candidates for skipping a debate he was slated to moderate. 

Several top contenders, including former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, former Minnesota representative Michele Bachmann, and former Texas governor Rick Perry declined to attend, according to MSNBCFormer speaker of the house Newt Gingrich and former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum agreed to participate, but Trump targeted those who refused.

This is amazing find by @IshYimini. In 2012, Trump trashed Romney and Bachmann for skipping a debate TO MEGYN KELLY!

— John Ekdahl (@JohnEkdahl) January 27, 2016

"We're not seeing a lot of courage here, are we? Not lots of courage. These Republicans, they're supposed to be brave!" he told Kelly.

Eventually, Trump dropped out of the event and the debate was canceled, according to MSNBC. 

Even though the billionaire chided his predecessors for refusing to attend a debate, Trump announced on Tuesday that he'd do the same. To make matters more ironic, he cited Kelly as the reason for his boycott.