Even if you’re more Steve Jobs than Steve Wozniak—that is, you’re better at business and design than technical minutiae—coding languages are still an inescapable part of working in the industry.

Jamal and Felicia O’Garro, co-founders of Code Crew, an affordable platform that teaches coding online, presented a multi-step plan to becoming fluent in various languages. Speaking at Tech808, the husband-and-wife team listed names of accelerated learning programs (i.e. coding boot camps), free Internet courses, and helpful textbooks. They also stressed the importance of understanding your own individual learning style; some people are autodidacts, while others need teachers, and that’s okay.

The Code Crew website offers a free “Curriculum for N00bs,” which goes over the basics of HTML and CSS, JavaScript and iQuery, as well as other coding languages. It also advertises inexpensive, instructor-led night courses.