Losing underwear after a load of laundry happens so often, you'd think there might be an underwear thief. In the Chinese city of Liyang, the underwear thief is real and during his three year crime spree, he managed to steal 285 worn bras and 185 worn panties. 

As reported by The Guardian, the man was caught in September when police were conducting a routine search on a suspicious van. That's when they found hundreds of panties and bras, along with over 100 other items of stolen clothing. 

According to a photo on Twitter from the People's Daily, China, the stolen bras take up half a basketball court's worth of space. The Guardian also reports that the 32-year-old thief created a kind of fishing rod, which he somehow used to steal the garments undetected. The man's three year crime binge hauled enough stolen goods to launch a criminal case, though they claim he will likely be given psychological help for the theft. 

No motive has been given for these bizarre crimes, though according to the report, he started stealing "only a few items" at first but couldn't stop over the years.