It seems that more Americans are pro-weed than ever before. According to the Gallup poll released Wednesday, nearly 58 percent of Americans surveyed support the legalization of marijuana. 

via Gallup

Gallup credits the steady climb in approval to 18- to 34 year-olds, with 71 percent of the younger demographic in favor of legalization. 

Although younger generations are more supportive of legalization than older generations, older generations are still more supportive than they were in the past.

Kevin Hill, an addiction psychiatrist with McLean Hospital at Harvard Medical School, conducted a Reddit AMA last week to dispel common marijuana myths. Hill asserted that although marijuana addiction can be "both psychological and physical," it is still less dangerous than alcohol: 

This is an opportunity to bring up the idea that there are different degrees of danger. Marijuana, on the whole, is not as dangerous as alcohol, which is probably not as dangerous as opioids.