of•fice n. 1. A place no one wants to be, EVER. 2. Where my spirit goes to die. Syn. 1. Seventh Circle of Hell 2. Prison…with lunch breaks

OK, so maybe it’s not THAT bad. True, some people love their nine-to-fives and the soul-numbing whir of the copy machine, but it’s not for everyone. Some of us just aren’t about that cubicle life. Fortunately, forgoing the traditional office experience doesn’t mean you have go full hippy, give up your WiFi, and live off the grid. You can actually make a comfortable living from the comfort of your living room, like budding digital fashion mogul, Elizabeth Kott.

Enter couch-bound job number one: Entrepreneur.

Kott is the founder and boss lady extraordinaire of Closet Rich, the online resale store turned digital lifestyle and entertainment brand. Before she started working from home, Kott was the Marketing and Content Director for Rachel Zoe and The Zoe Report. But things didn’t quite work out, or as Kott  admits, “I’ve been fired from every job I ever had.

Her supposed professional blunders actually became the key to her success, since she already had the keys to her apartment. Having worked in both the fashion and PR sectors, Kott found herself “immersed in a world where people were constantly inundated with items,” which us normal folk know as swag, or free shit celebrities get on the regular. “I wanted a solution for purging these items [they] no longer wanted,” she explained, “and coming from the digital space, I knew there were a lot of platforms to monetize the idea.” And so the monetizing began. She built her online store from her apartment in L.A. and began selling her wares in 2011.  Since then, Closet Rich has moved from the resale space and gone on to embody the digital fashion focus that E.K. had been dreaming of since her early 20s. Kott has leveraged the brand to become a digital styling powerhouse, helping top names such as Grace Helbig, Hannah Heart and Lia Marie Johnson find their “looks.”

Image via David Lekach

Now before you strut out of your office and waive the finger to your boss, Kott does have a few tips when it comes to working from home. “Use your powers for good, not evil,” she says. With the possibility of constant chilling, coms.es great responsibility, so “avoid being too loose with your schedule,” she advises. Kott recommends starting your day with an early coffee meeting or something work-related to get the ball rolling. Kott even went as far as cancelling her cable and getting rid of her TV when she was starting her business.

As Elizabeth’s story proves, working from home isn’t for couch potatoes. Like with all professional success, ambition and drive are part of the equation. Here are some other gigs for you boss ladies and gents who think you’re up to the task.