24. WWF

Year Company Founded: 1961

Year Logo Introduced: 1961

Logo Designer: Sir Peter Scott (1961), Lans Bouthillier (1978), Landor Associates (1986), Asha (2010)

Company Founders: Max Nicholson, Julian Huxley, Peter Scott, Guy Mountfort, Godfrey A. Rockefeller, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands

Perhaps the company logo with the most "cute" in it, the WWF logo was first introduced in 1961 with only the iconic panda and no logotype. The 1961 panda bear was created by founding chairman Sir Peter Scott, and it remains a key branding element for the company. In 1978, the panda illustration was simplified, eliminating some of the fur texture, but the design does not stray far from the original. In 1986, the WWF was added below the further simplified panda design. The final change to the WWF logo occured in 2000, when the font of "WWF" was slightly altered, though no noticable changes were made to the panda illustration.

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