11. Walmart

Year Company Founded: 1962

Year Logo Introduced: 1962

Logo Designer: Don Watt (1992), Lippincott (2008)

Company Founders: Sam Walton

From the introduction of their first logo, Walmart has not strayed beyond a simple and appealing logotype. The 1962 logo was "Walmart" written with stretched out, angular, and simple letters—a font chosen randomly by a printer. It follows that soon after, in 1964, Walmart unveiled a new logo. For the 1964 logo, the company selected the "Frontier Font Logo," a departure from the previous simple logo. The Frontier Font Logo may have inspired thoughts of the Wild Wild West, but it remained the company's logo until 1981. In 1918, Walmart went back to its roots with a simpler design in brown. In 1992, the company replaced the dash in between "Wal" and "Mart" with a star, and changed the font to a dark blue from the brown. In 2008, Walmart introduced the now iconic logo which eliminates the break in the company's name and incorporates a yellow "Spark" for a much-needed splash of color and design.

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