13. IBM

Year Company Founded: 1911

Year Logo Introduced: 1888

Logo Designer: Paul Rand (1956, 1972)

Company Founder: Charles R. Flint

The IBM logo was first introduced in 1924 when the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company was renamed as International Business Machines. The renaming of CTR to IBM was the company's attempt to modernize; following this, the IBM logo introduced in 1924 was an updated version of the 1911 CTR logo used by the company. The intricate, entwined design of CTR was replaced by bold lettering of "International Business Machines," configured to mimic a globe, emphasizing the "International" in IBM. In 1947, with the modernization of the company's technology, the globe logo was replaced with a simplistic "IBM," which remains the symbol of the company. In 1956, Paul Rand transformed the outlined logo into a solid black "IBM" to impress stability and balance. In 1972, Rand returned to update the image of the company from solidity and stability to "speed and dynamism" (that was supposed to be implied by the striped logo).

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