35. Dunkin' Donuts

Year Company Founded: 1950

Year Logo Introduced: 1950

Logo Designer: Lucia N. DeRespinis, Sangren & Murtha (1980), Design Forum (2002)

Company Founder: William Rosenberg

The initial Dunkin' Donuts logo was a script version of the company name, which held until 1955, when the doughnut man became a figure with a doughnut for a head holding a slice of pizza and wearing a coffee cup with the company name written on it. A new logo was introduced in 1960, featuring a text donut being dunked into a coffee cup, and one year later the coffee cup was removed and a circlular text logo was implemented. From 1970-1976, Dunkin' combined the older coffee cup text logo and a simple text logo. In 1976, the modern-looking logo was created and has been used ever since, with slight color improvements over the years.

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