9. Burger King

Year Company Founded: 1954

Year Logo Introduced: 1954

Logo Designer: Sterling Brands (1998)

Company Founders: James McLamore, David R. Edgerton

As the second largest hamburger fast food chain in the world, the Burger King logo has developed a recognizability second only to that of the McDonald's "Golden Arch." Starting with a simple logotype of "Burger King" in 1954, the company introduced the complex logo of the Burger King character sitting atop a burger the following year. The character of the King remains in use to this day in the brand's advertising, though the logo faced a monumental evolution in 1969 with the introduction of the "Bun Halves" design. Now instantly recongnizable, the Bun Halves design of 1969 remains a key element in the Burger King brand image. Going through two updates in the 1990s, the "Bun Halves" logo of 1998 incorporated an encompassing blue ring and added dimensionality to the one still used by the brand today.

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