39. Barbie

Year Company Founded: 1959 (Barbie is a subset of Mattel, Inc. which was founded in 1945)

Year Logo Introduced: 1959

Logo Designer: Undisclosed

Company Founder: Ruth Handler

This is the doll that has sold over a billion units and continues to sell three units every second. Such success has brought the Barbie logo recognizability worldwide. The Barbie logo was introduced alongside the doll in March 1959 at the New York Toy Show and gets its name from Ruth Handler's daughter, whose name is Barbara. Barbie was marketed as a "teenage fashion model," filling in the gap of adult-aged dolls for kids. The bright pink Barbie logo has never strayed far from its original design, with only slight alterations to shading and shape in the past 50 years to adjust to trends. In 2009, Barbie returned to its original logo in celebration of its 50 year anniversary, adding a roundel incorporating the profile of Barbie with a ponytail.

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