41. AT&T

Year Company Founded: 1877

Year Logo Introduced: 1889

Logo Designer: Saul Bass (1969, 1983), Interbrand (2005)

Company Founder: Gardiner Greene Hubbard

AT&T originated as the Bell Telephone Company in 1877, becoming American Telephone & Telegraph in 1885 after a number of mergers. Nonetheless, the telephone service covering the United States was known as the Bell system and was operated by a number of companies collectively known as the Bell Operating Companies. Thus, from 1889 to 1964, the AT&T logo incorporated an illustration of a bell. When the Bell system was broken up in 1983, the AT&T bell logo was replaced with an illustration of a layered globe by Saul Bass. The globe went through another transoformation in 2000 before becoming the current iconic 3D transparent globe with the accompanying lowercase "at&t" in 2005.

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