14. American Airlines

Year Company Founded: 1930

Year Logo Introduced: 1930

Logo Designer: Massimo Vignelli (1967)

Company Founder: AMR Corporation

In 1934, American Airlines unveiled a logo which featured an eagle flying over the globe with two bright red "As" flanking it on both sides. The two As of American Airlines remained an important element of the company's image until 2013. In 1945, the logo was simplified to an illustration of an eagle in blue, with the Two As on both sides. The same element of "Eagle and Two As" was used in the new logo in 1962, with the addition of the logotype "American" below the illustration, and a bold red ring encompassing the logo. In 1968, American Airlines introduced a logo which would become symbolic of the company over the next 45 years. The 1968 logo maintains the "Eagle and Two As" elements and the red and blue color scheme, which have been synonymous with the company since 1934. "American Airlines" boldly underlines the illustration of the eagle, highlighting the brand name in addition to the Two As.

In the aftermath of bankruptcy, American Airlines unveiled a new logo on January 27, 2013. The company did not abandon the "Eagle and Two As" completely, although they downplayed it to a small stripe on the side of "American Airlines," which is written in a grey simple font. The stripe is said to symbolize a stylized "A" morphed with an eagle in flight.

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