19. adidas

Year Company Founded: 1920

Year Logo Introduced: 1949

Logo Designer: Adi Dassler (1949), Käthe and Adi Dassler (1971), Peter Moore (1997)

Company Founder: Adi Dassler

The adidas logo was designed and created by founder, Adi Dassler, who first used the three stripes on adidas footwear, making the company instantly recognizable. The stripes haven't changed over the years; they've only changed in form. In the '60s, Käthe and Adi Dassler created the Trefoil logo as an additional mark of the adidas brand, to be used on apparel. It later became the company's corporate symbol. In 1997, Adidas introduced the slanted three bars as an integrated corporate design, and it was made to look like the shape of a mountain to symbolize challenges to be faced and goals to be achieved.

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