The visual identity of a logo can make or break a brand in the eyes of a discerning consumer. Throughout a single company's history, various logos serve as indicators of values, loyalty, and togetherness. 

Oftentimes, a logo signifies the presence of a product or movement we know all too while. When you see a McDonald's golden arch, you think of big macs and french fries. When you see the BMW logo, you think of a slick car. When you see the Google logo, you think of searching for answers online. Beyond that, though, seeing a logo triggers how you feel about a company and what they provide.

It wasn't easy, but we picked what we believe are The 50 Most Iconic Brand Logos and have provided histories for each. In some cases, the designer is undisclosed, and in other cases, there are multiple designers and founders. For some, we couldn't include every single logo they've had throughout their existence, but we gave highlights. Nuances aside, the history of your favorite brand's logo is an adventure in a much greater visual history that we are all involuntarily a part of. Enjoy.