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A 15-year-old girl from Washington state has been arrested on second-degree murder charges after she intentionally hit a jogger with a car she “borrowed” from a relative, police and prosecutors allege.

Per KIRO 7, the girl is being charged as a juvenile with the murder and hit-and-run of 53-year-old Greg Moore after he was found lifeless on the side of the road on July 18. She took her godmother’s car without permission and drove 15 miles over the speed limit, hitting Moore on a Maple Valley street. Another 15-year-old was present in the car at the same time the incident happened, and told authorities the girl said, “I’m going to scare him, I’m going to bump him.”

One of her friends followed behind in another car, and admitted she heard a loud bang and “saw something fly into the air.” Moore’s body was found hours after the incident in a ditch outside the Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church. In the weeks that followed, the girl expressed concern that her friends could “snitch” on her. She also attempted to hide evidence that would link her to the hit-and-run. 

The suspect has since turned herself in at a King County sheriff’s precinct, and turned up with her father. “A family member (of the suspect) heard the individual laugh about the way Greg’s body flew up in the air when she hit him,” said Michelle Moore, the wife of the deceased. Before the identity of the driver was confirmed by police, the family of Greg Moore offered a $35,000 reward for any information.