At Complex SHOP, we’re all about shining a spotlight on the unique and dynamic facets of streetwear culture. The vintage streetwear scene is an often slept-on lane for unearthing one-of-a-kind grails, so we’re definitely excited to be partnering with a respected name in this category, ThriftCon.

So what exactly is ThriftCon? It’s the nation’s premier vintage clothing and collectible selling event where vendors from all over the country come together for day-long celebrations of all-things vintage. The founders of ThriftCon (David Bywater, Mario Conte, and Ken Meade) noticed a void of quality street and casualwear on the vintage scene, so they set out to change that. “ThriftCon originated out of the necessity to cater to the growing vintage community of resellers, collectors and streetwear enthusiasts. We wanted to bring that community together under one roof and give vendors an opportunity to have their pieces in front of thousands of buyers and educate people on a more sustainable way of living.” The most recent ThriftCon socially-distanced event was held in Denver at the end of August—even with current COVID constraints, it was a successful outing.




“Our partnership with Complex SHOP is an effort to allow collectors and vintage enthusiasts who can't make it out to events a chance to purchase some of the pieces that were in the building that day,” the co-founders explained. “Each of these tees in this first drop was sourced by us and came from ThriftCon vendors.” Some of the highlights included in this first drop include a rare 1979 Peter Tosh Bush Doctor Tour Tee, a Mosquitohead Bob Marley Tee, a Dead Kennedys Tee, and an '87 Momentary Lapse Pink Floyd Tee.

Next up, ThriftCon is planning to host their next in-person event in LA before the end of the year. They will also continue releasing bi-weekly episodes of their podcast, Tee Time, which covers stories of their favorite brands and designers.

The entire ThriftCon drop on the Complex SHOP is available now.