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Complex SHOP is kicking off a wide-reaching and ongoing partnership with Neighborhood Spot to help support local NYC small businesses and charities during this dire pandemic period.

The story of Neighborhood Spot, and its resilient and resourceful founder, William Grand, bears all the markings of a quintessential NYC narrative. Growing up in the city, Grand dabbled in the skateboard and punk rock scene and admittedly owned “too many” t-shirts. He eventually bought a one-color press to make tees with a friend, and grew it into a small business with a studio on Eldridge & Canal Street. Fast forward to 2012, William’s career evolved into DJing and spinning records in Japan and t-shirts took a back seat. Then 2020 rolled around, Covid hit and everything changed. “Many of my friends had businesses that were affected,” he says. “I now had zero work, so I thought this was the perfect time to get back to t-shirts, but with the intention of giving proceeds back to help these businesses navigate shutdown.” Instead of waiting for help from someone else or even the state, Grand took the initiative and got to work. “One hand washes the other and both wash the face,” he says. “The government is a faulty faucet.”

The first drop of the Complex SHOP X Neighborhood Spot partnership consists of t-shirts made for several businesses and charities including: Army & Navy Bags, Regina's Grocery, Cheeky Sandwiches, Takahachi, Green Top Farms, the Harriet Tubman Museum, NYC Food Bank, and more. All profits from the sale of each t-shirt will be donated to the respective business or charity. Included also in this drop are 2 exclusive colorways that can only be found on the Complex SHOP.



Below is the list of the different NYC spots featured in the first t-shirt drop with Complex.

Regina’s Grocery is a cute, Lower East Side, family-owned gem that offers authentic Italian treats like the delicious, prosciutto and fresh mozzarella sandwich dubbed Uncle Jimmy.

William Grand: “Regina’s Grocery was one of the first on board. I’ve been friends with Roman Grandinetti for over 10 years and we actually shared that studio space on Eldridge St. Plus his mom, Regina, is a sweetheart.”


Army & Navy Bags on East Houston is a downtown NYC landmark, and the place to go for finding the best military and surplus clothing. The store has been around for over 40 years, and its manager Henry is one of the nicest New Yorkers you’ll ever meet.

WG: “Army & Navy bags has been my go-to spot for winter gear over the years and the owner Henry Yao is the nicest guy. So when Nico revealed his business was struggling we put it together quickly with Roachi and Co.”



Cheeky Sandwiches is a New-Orleans style sandwich joint on the Lower East Side that makes up for its diminutive square footage with tons of bold, unforgettable flavor. For lovers of cajun spices, Cheeky’s is a must-vist.

WG: “I've known Din Yates at Cheeky Sandwiches for over 10 years. He's the best dude and the chicken sandwich with a side of beignets is a piece of food coma heaven.”


Takahachi is a no-frills East Village sushi spot that’s popular with both the local regulars and the cool celebrity set. Its owner Jack and his team are known for using only the finest quality ingredients and never cutting any corners.

WG: “Takahachi was also one of the very first on board in March. Anyone who knows Jack, loves him, he's a positive staple in the neighborhood.”



Green Top Farms is a local NYC establishment specializing in fresh, farm-to-table, locally-grown food. They also deliver healthy plant-based meals and wholesome groceries.

WG: “I aligned with Green Top Farms through the best NY shirt contest in April. Proceeds from Kyle Earl’s shirt benefited the farm and we ran some goods for them.”


WG: “NY Gritty from Roachi was another one I met through the best NY shirt contest. We helped bring his incredible design to life and he's been a massive help to Neighborhood Spot ever since. Proceeds from these support the NYC-based Warriors In The Garden.”


WG: “Tubman Twenties was based off an existing stamp made by Dano Wall after this inept administration delayed the release of the real Tubman $20’s until 2028. There's a new Harriet Tubman Museum in Cape May NJ and we're channeling all the proceeds to help them finish building.


WG: “NYC Rent Relief Lottery was an idea I had just before August 1st to help pay a NY'ers rent with proceeds from this ongoing capsule. Many businesses are struggling but so are a lot of New Yorkers.”


WG: “Loving you is easy... is designed by Jake Kent. He already printed these in Berlin but I saw it, loved it, and reached out to bring these to life in the US and outside Europe. We're channeling funds to the Black Trans Emergency Fund in the US and KOP in Berlin.”


For the future, Grand plans to connect with more businesses in NYC before expanding to other cities around the world. “There are countless places within the 5 boroughs, but our focus is on the family-owned gems that are the real DNA of each neighborhood.”.

Now that you’re familiar with all these spots & charities, pick up a tee and show NYC some love.

Shop the entire Neighborhood Spot drop here.