Lady Gaga Runs "Minecraft" While Rocking Gunnar Optiks

Lady Gaga Runs "Minecraft" While Rocking Gunnar OptiksImage via Little Monsters

Minecraft's admirers are legion. 

The crafting, building, and couples therapy substitution has spawned thousands of mash-ups, homages, and recreations of some of pop culture most powerful mainstays

Never in a million years would we peg mythical, half-unicorn Lady Gaga, as a fan of the world-building title. But, as it turns out, not only is she a fan, but she requires Gunnar Optiks specialized gaming glasses to keep the creepers at bay.

When Gunnar Optics found out Gaga was a fan of the game they sent her this 'Born This Way' Minecraft parody. At which point the Internet collapsed itself into a singularity from being unable to support the fanbase crossover. Enjoy.


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