"Fable: Anniversary" Launch Trailer, Xbox Comparison (Video)

Developer Lionhead Studios became loved after releasing the Fable on the original Xbox. Now after multiple sequels that could never quite capture the magic of the first, it's releasing Fable: Anniversary ten years after the original.

Check out the trailer for a little chicken kicking nostalgia – Lionhead works some humor into its games – and some peeks at some bosses you'll duke it out with. This remake includes reworked audio, visuals, extra content and achievements. For look at how the high-definition remake compares with the 2004 Xbox original check out the comparison video from Gamespot below.

Fable: Anniversary drops on Feb. 7 for Xbox 360. Lionhead – for its part – working on a yet unnamed project. Stay tuned for more details.

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[Via YouTube, Gamespot]


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