Half a Million "FIFA 14" Games Played Every 90 Minutes

Half a Million "FIFA 14" Games Played Every 90 Minutes

I'm told that this Friday the second World Cup lottery is taking place.

I wouldn't know anything about that since I'm a chronic indoor kid, but I have it on good authority that this is an important even in the world of soccer (yeah, I called it soccer).

Turns out that people are just as excited about FIFA 14 as they are about the World Cup. While maintaining its title as the world’s most popular and highest rated sports video game (#1 rated on Xbox One, #2 on PS4), EA has released this infographic breaking down just how much FIFA 14 actually gets played globally. Also, statistics!

Every 90 minutes, 459,000 games of FIFA 14 are being played around the world

Top Goal Scorers: Cristiano Ronaldo (35.2 million), Karim Benzema (26.7 million), Mario Mandžukić (20.2 million)

Most Played Match-Up: Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich (9.6 million matches)

Most Transferred Players: Christian Benteke, Felipe Santana and Ignazio Abate

German football club, Bayern Munich, posting more wins in match-ups against Real Madrid and Barcelona, the two highest ranked soccer clubs in world.

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