The First Levels of "Super Mario 3D World" Gameplay (Video)

Check out the first levels in Super Mario 3D World in this multiplayer gamplay footage from Nintendo. Players get to work through the World 1 and World 3 of the new 3D adventure with their favorite characters from the Mario Bros. universe.

Although we’ve seen the basic abilities of the game before, including stars, multiplayer and power-ups it’s pretty cool to see it all come together in actual play. Gamers can jump right in and jump into the primary cat suit power-up that allows players to scurry up walls and make massive jumps.

The graphics look pretty amazing, just all-around Nintendo beautiful. Stick through the middle bit of the video and enjoy the super-sided mushroom power-ups.

Super Mario 3D World is set to drop for the Wii U on November, 22.

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[Via Polygon]

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