Sega Shuts Down Nearly All “Yakuza” Sites In The US

Sega Shuts Down Nearly All “Yakuza” Sites In The US

Just weeks after Yakuza creator Toshihiro Nagoshi told Edge neither Yakuza 5 nor the recently announced PS4 Japanese launch title Yakuza: Isshin would likely ever reach US shores, Sega of America has shut down every website domain related to the series, with the exception of the oddball zombie apocalypse spinoff Yakuza: Dead Souls. (And that site is likely not long for this world either.)

If you were still holding out hope that Sega still has a stake in the series here in the West, I think this latest disavowment means it’s time to extinguish that candle of hope and move on with our lives. So raise a glass of saké and look back fondly on the goofy Japanese ridiculousness of surreptitious-cleavage-peeping-table-tennis.

So long, Yakuza. We’ll always have Kamurocho.

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