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PS4 unboxed.

Microsoft updated its pricing for controllers and accessories for the upcoming next-gen Xbox One. Wouldn’t you know it! They're more expensive. Can't say anyone surprised with the news but $60 bucks for a controller is a bit steep, but $25 for a battery pack? Ouch.

PlayStation 4 doesn't think you're a loser at all. In fact Sony thinks you have so many friends that they've capped your Party Chat friends list at 2,000, great a new goal to fail at; our therapists will be pleased.

But don't let the inevitable failure of not filling up your friends list stop you from enjoying the delicious unboxing of PlayStation 4's Launch Edition. Okay, so it's kind of what we expected but that's not going to stop us from locking all the doors and calling into work to re-unbox this baby when it finally comes out sometime before the end of the year.

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