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Carmack explains it all, love ya' Johnny!

After the summoning commences at QuakeCon and before the ring of elders has dispersed, but directly after the traditional sacrifice of a Shambler with the jewel encrusted Nail Gun from the Vaults of Zin, its time for John Carmack to give a three hour speech about love, the universe and everything.

This year, the master of Quake puzzled on the lifespan and future of consoles, among other things. Frankly, Lord Carmack doesn't see a future for them as the cloud becomes more accessible and technology allows for further miniaturization. "A traditional next Xbox?"..." I think that's a long ways off, and there's a credible argument to be made that there may not be another console generation as we know it now."

We needed some energy to get us though Carmack dissertation, so did these eSports heavyweights battling it out in Red Bull's Training Grounds. If you have anything left after riding the Red Bull dragon then check out this sweet 8-bit video game rendition of Kick Ass to get you hyped-up to see Kick Ass 2 on August 16.

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