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GTAV shooting mechanics revealed.

Rockstar Games had previously said that GTAV would borrow heavily from Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 when it came to shooting mechanics. Now YouTube user datarace1 was kind enough to give us a comparison. Max Payne 3's shooting style wasn't perfect but once we got the flow down it comes pretty natural. At least it’s a huge improvement over the clunky gun mechanics of previous GTA titles.

The day Grand Theft Auto V is out we want to play it on this guy's setup. Using the Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra in a new configuration he's made an effective cover-based shooter, "Please be careful when playing this demo, lots of people try to support themselves on the crates when they try to stand up or when leaning up against a column, but find there is nothing there!" We wonder if works for the strip club that Love Fist will undoubtedly be playing in at some point in GTAV.

Speaking of which, GTAV drops on September 17 and not a day earlier, until then we'll have to whet our appetite for gun-crazy vehicle mayhem with these screens released this week, showing off some vehicles and characters we can look forward to maiming and destroying.

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