The 25 Greatest Players in "NBA 2K" History

13. Derrick Rose

Game: NBA 2K12
Year: 2011

The season after winning the regular season MVP, Derrick Rose went from only great to truly amazing in NBA 2K12.

His overall rating shot from an 85 to a 92, placing him squarely in the same category as Kevin Durant. His shooting got better and his dribble moves even silkier as he snaked to the rim and either threw it down or dropped his soft, signature runner in the lane. In short, he was one of the few players who could win you a game single-handedly in the backcourt, functioning well as a distributor and facilitator and even better as a scoring threat.

His season-ending injury during the 2012 playoffs kept him from online lineups all season, but you can bet he's going to vault right back up to the top once he comes back in NBA 2K14.

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