The 20 Most Dominant Fictional Athletes in Video Games

8. Quentin Sands

Video Game: Blitz: The League (2005)

Blitz: The League is the delightful football "sim" that lets you horrifically injure your competition, gamble on games, perform "dirty" hits, send prostitutes to their hotel the night before a game-sapping them of their "energy" before kickoff-bribe the referees, and "juice" a player in order to ignore an injury. It's no wonder why the game doesn't have an NFL license and features made-up players and teams.

None of these fictional players can affect the game like Quentin Sands, star linebacker of the New York Nightmare. Based on, and voiced by, real-life...feisty NFL legend Lawrence Taylor, Sands begins the campaign mode by ending the career of a quarterback with a devastating hit, and has set his sights on you! Sands becomes an ally in Blitz: The League II and is responsible for the game's incomprehensible climax that sees Sands taping the League Commissioner committing illegal activities and sending Definitely Not Roger Goodell to prison.

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