How To Beat The Miami Heat In "NBA 2K13"

Know your opponent’s game.

But there’s more to beating the Heat than just knowing how they’ve lost: it means knowing how they want to win. In real life, the Heat’s offense is unorthodox, relying on a lot of ghost action that can disrupt and confuse defenses and inversions that see Chris Bosh floating in the midrange while Dwyane Wade takes advantage of opposing guards in the post or LeBron operates from the elbow.

Their defense also relies on aggression and speed working in perfect synchronicity. They jump out and trap ballhandlers against the sidelines, blow up pick and rolls before they even have a chance to begin, and flood the strongside, relying on crisp rotations to cover up opposing shooters in the corners. (Note: things like flooding the strongside on defense are virtually impossible in NBA 2K13 because the rest of your team’s AI isn’t smart enough to know you’re doing it. So heads up, 2K Sports: Lots of teams in the NBA do this, and we should be able to do it, too.)

In essence, their offensive and defensive approaches are designed to frustrate opponents, get them out of their comfort zones, and force them into mistakes. Succeeding against the Heat will mean keeping your wits about you, having a plan and sticking to it. If you start gambling or trying to take advantage of what they’re giving you, you’re falling into their trap—often both literally and figuratively.

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