"Wolfentsein: The New Order" New Gameplay Footage has Moon Nazis and Other Historically Accurate Elements (Video)

When Wolfenstein: The New Order was announced a few weeks back, we were understandbly skeptical about a Wolfenstein reboot. 

Did the world really need that? We are happy to report that we were mistaken and The New Order is neither a reboot or a retcon. MachineGames, the new developer behind The New Order, assures us that the new title is simply the next step in BJ Blazkowicz' story. The folks over at cvg had a chance to get a little hands on with Bethesda's upcoming title and have given us our first look at some actual gameplay.

Alternate history, moon Nazis, and the return of one of the most recognizable pixelated heads in video game history all make an appearance. Watch the video and let us know what you're thinking.

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