The 10 Worst Video Game Escort Missions Ever

4. Dead Island

You've decided to take a tropical vacation on the beautiful island of Banoi, which sounds vaguely like a sexual position in which no one is happy. You're a doughy middle aged suburbanite couple that has come to the island resort to re-kindle your failing, loveless marriage. Dabbling in some light swinging, a zombie apocalypse lands on your face and forces you to cancel the erotic couples pottery class you had planned for the afternoon.

You and the other survivors could band together, pool your resources, and talk strategy. What's that? You're just gonna charge head-first 'Leeroy Jenkins' style with that branch you found on the ground and no equipment? Good luck! Seriously, every NPC you come across in this game that asks for your help deserves to be devoured whole. They are all such flawed AI, you wonder if the developers were fucking with us when they included them.

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