Homemade Lightsaber is as Close as We're Going to Get to Reenacting "Star Wars" in Our Basement (Video)

With the recent news of EA kind of, sort of confirming Battlefront 3 we figured it's almost time to let our bodies become ready for the inevitable wave of Star Wars hype.

What better way to do that than by finding footage of the closest we've come to constructing a fully functioning lightsaber? While you're not going to be lopping off limbs anytime soon, this thing is still pretty lethal.

Using two laptop batteries and a commercially available laser diode with a 450 nanometer range, this lightsaber looks more deadly than anything else. The housing does bear a striking resemblance to Luke's rebuilt lightsaber from Return of the Jedi and we're sure these super fans would be impressed if we owned one. 

Check out the video to see many everyday household items go up in flames. Tape, wood, and paper are helpless against it!

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