The Protagonist of 'Quadrilateral Cowboy' Hacks his Own Game World (Video)

Quadrilateral Cowboy is the next game from Blendo, the creators of 30 Flights of Loving, and it looks like it features an interesting mechanic: the ability for the protagonist to hack his own game world. Blendo calls it "twentieth century cyberpunk;" we call it awesome.

Hopefully it doesn't get too complex, though, because navigating Facebook is just about the hardest thing we can do with a computer.

The trailer's Youtube description puts it nicely: "When you have a top-of-the-line hacking deck armed with a 56.6k modem and a staggering 256k RAM, it means just one thing: you answer only to the highest bidder." Gangster, right?

[via neoGAF]

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