(Preview) The 10 Most Frustrating Things About "Killzone: Mercenary"

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3-4 minutes may not sound like a great deal of time to spend waiting for a level to load in a game, but when you’re looking for short-burst gameplay that can eat up nearly 10-15% of the time you were intending to send playing. Combine that with the fact most missions include an unskippable in-engine action sequence like watching your hero descend on the scene in a wing-suit or waiting for an elevator to ascend while story details are fed to you and it takes an annoyingly long time before you’re actually able to shoot anything.

It’s not surprising that the game takes so long to load considering its visual fidelity, but that definitely means the number of opportunities to have fun with the game are reduced. While it doesn’t completely relegate it to an in-home experience, it certainly will prevent you from whipping it out while waiting in lines (which out of context may not be a bad thing). The Vita’s dynamic state-saving system will alleviate some of this and Guerilla could get things a little more streamlined before launch, but I guess this is part of the price that needs to be paid for such pretty visuals.

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