The Newbie's Guide to Surviving Team Fortress 2

The Engineer: Constructive Destruction

Key Roles: Field Management, Scout Stopper

Best For: Tactical masterminds who like letting others do the real work

Actually shooting guns and stuff, that's for other classes. Engineers are brilliant tacticians that know a well-placed sentry, dispensery, or teleporter can change the dynamics of a map in an instant. You'll be making blockades to prevent Scouts from snapping up the intel while simultaneously providing your front-line friends with much needed ammunition. Just keep that wrench handy, there's a Spy afoot.

Loadout A: Frontier Justice, Wrangler, Jag


Find yourself a cozy, frequently trafficked area and enjoy decimating your foes with this loadout. You can take direct control over your sentry's aiming with the Wrangler, giving you the ability to strike down any oncomers with precision. For every kill your sentry racks up, you'll gain a guaranteed critical hit with your Frontier Justice while the Jag increases overall build speed, allowing you to deploy this combo even faster than normal.

Loadout B: Pomson 6000, Short Circuit, Eureka Effect 

Tasked with defending the base, this assortment of tools will help ensure your fortress is impenitrable. Firing the Pomson 6000 at invading Medics will reduce their Ăśbercharge and will also decrease a Spy's cloak if you hit one. This will help keep Spies from being able to slink around the base with ease and also prevent a Medic/Heavy combo from going invincible and destroying all your hard work. When fired, the Short Circuit will destroy projectiles like the Soldier's rockets or the Demoman's grenades, again helping you keep your sentry alive and well while it fires right back at them. Should you find yourself away from the base and hear those dreaded words, "Spy's sappin' mah sentry!" the Eureka Effect will teleport you back to base immediately so you can remedy the situation.

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