The 25  Most Heart-Breaking Video Game Cancellations

Milo and Kate

Okay, some of you may be rolling your eyes, but hear this out. When Peter Molyneaux ran the demo for Milo and Kate on the stage of E3, it truly seemed like a massive step forward for interactive entertainment.

The idea of a truly responsive artificial intelligence in a game that’s able to react to everything from your tone to your facial expression was too impressive not to get excited about. Sure, most people wouldn’t be that thrilled dealing with a snotty little British kid all the time, but the technology showcased could have changed gaming forever if it had ever come out.

Alas, Kinect turned out to be a less than stellar motion tracker and the complexity off Milo was too much to handle. Still, it’s nice to dream of a day when we’ll be able to interact with our games like real people… then we won’t have to bother with all this friendship nonsense in the real world.

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