"Runescape" Player Charged With Real World Theft of In-Game Gold

"Runescape" Player Charged With Real World Theft of In-Game Gold

When asked "What are you in for?", 19 year old Humza Bajwa better come with something a little more impressive than the truth.

Two Fordham University students,David Emani and Jonathan Dokler, had decided to sell their Runescape in-game gold to Bajwa for the real-world price of $3,300. Bajwa, who apparently got this idea from watching too many bad movies, decided to attempt to pay with counterfeit money. Funny considering he was trying to buy virtual money to begin with.

Emani spotted the bunk cash and put an end to the deal. Bajwa somehow convinced Emani to arrange a second transaction. Again, he tried paying with counterfiet cash and was called out on it by Emani.

Bajwa then pulled a realistic looking B.B. gun, held it to Emani's head, and demanded that the transaction go down all the same. Emani was forced to call Dokler and make the transfer via the phone. 

"I couldn't believe I was about to get shot over RuneScape," Emani told the Post. Dokler made the transaction and Bajwa fled the scene.

Bajwa was apprehended at his home in  Massachusetts. The 19 year old has been charged with grand larceny and second degree robbery, if convicted he could go to prison for 15 years. 

VIA:NYPOST ,kotaku

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