New "Hitman: Absolution" Video Introduces Custom Hit "Contracts" Mode

Running the same old hits over and over again would have to get boring, even for Hitman's Agent 47. So to make sure players of the upcoming Hitman: Absolution don't get bored, Square Enix and IO have implemented a new mode that was announced earlier this week: Contracts.

Contracts lets you design the exact rules and parameters for a hit, including target, weapons, specific goals and more, and then share your custom challenges with friends.

We're hoping to get real creative—kill the milk man by dropping a cow on him! Take out that terrorist by electrocution! But we won't know just how far-fetched these Contracts will get until the game is out and we've had a chance to play it.

At least we can get a glimpse of how they work in the latest video for Hitman: Absolution. Got any great ideas for Contracts yet? Share with us below or on Twitter.

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