After a brief social media campaign to accrue 20,000 "likes" on their Facebook page, the modders behind the Half-Life remake known as Black Mesa have released eight new screenshots from the ambitious project.

The Facebook album called "A Red Letter Day!" (presumably in reference to the big scarlet lambda symbols they must be wearing on their chests to express their shame for taking so long) has revealed new shots of enemies and previously unseen elements of the remake, with the message:

"Thank you all so much, it's really great to have your support! With your help we have now kicked off our social-media campaign towards our first release! You can expect more updates from us in the near future. Today we are sharing this fantastic batch of screenshots that really gives you the first glimpse into the gameplay of Black Mesa. This is just the beginning. We have more in store for you in the near future! Hold on to your lab coats!"

Black Mesa seeks to recreate the first Half-Life with the magic of the Half-Life 2 engine, but we're guessing they have some sort of agreement with Valve not to release it before Half-Life 3 comes out, meaning, likely, never. They have been hyping this thing up for years.

Click through the screens and let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter. Will Black Mesa ever come out?

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