A "Watch Dogs" Movie Could Be on the Way

Ubisoft's Motion Pictures division is apparently going to have their hands full in the near future.

They just wrapped up Ghost Recon Alpha, the 25-minute Ghost Recon: Future Soldier tie-in film, and rumor as it they've got Warner Bros. and Paramount fighting over the rights to a Splinter Cell movie.

Now Ubisoft has registered a series of domain names that suggest they could be working on a Watch Dogs movie as well.

Watch Dogs, you may remember, is the game that practically stole E3 with its futuristic blend of sci-fi and the familiar.

Ubisoft may have registered the domains WatchDogsmovie.com, WatchDogsthemovie.com, Watch-Dogsmovie.com, and Watch-Dogsthemovie.com in preparation for the film, or in anticipation of some domain squatter snatching them up just in case.

But a companion film for Watch Dogs could potentially be awesome. Would you check out a Watch Dogs film or would you rather Ubisoft just stick to games? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

[via Joystiq]

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